Never has there been a time when a comprehensive and well exercised security plan is more important than in today’s environment. Fast paced and quickly happening events can overwhelm any organization as it attempts to deal with an ongoing security situation.   Whether personal security, protecting your business, countering an active shooter situation, or dealing with the taking of hostages, having an effective security plan is critical in the successful outcome of a security or threat situation.

Brocato and Associates has experienced prior law enforcement and military staff to provide the necessary components for an effective security strategy. We will conduct a threat assessment, provide ongoing and relevant intelligence gathering and reporting, as well as provide detailed steps to counteract and minimize the security threat. We will provide a detailed written report to our client outlining the threat, the weaknesses in your current plan and make recommendations as to how to better secure your assets. Likewise we can provide a plan to deal with an active security situation once an incident occurs. Additionally, we will interface with local law enforcement as part of our strategic approach to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed security plan.

From evacuation to shelter in place plans, from isolating the threat,  to assisting with communications procedures, it critical to have an assessment conducted and plan in place to deal with the threat. As we’ve seen recently, no person, business or governmental entity is immune.

Brocato and Associates will assist you to be thoroughly ready and prepared.