Incident Management Planning

Within the realm of incident management, planning plays a critical multi-faceted role. Incident Pre Planning is important for those situations known as Notice incidents. Examples of Notice Incidents are snow storms, or hurricanes. Action planning is also critical in those situations known as No Notice Incidents. Examples of No Notice Incidents are an active shooter or earthquake scenario. While there should always be plans in place to deal with both notice and no notice incidents, the ability to implement plans with advance notification as well as a no advance notification scenario is critical.

The success of any emergency management operation is the ability to get out in front of a rapidly developing situation and implement proper lifesaving and property conservation procedures quickly and effectively. Incident management planning is the mechanism that allows quick implementation of pre plans to effectively marshal and deploy resources and personnel in a coordinated, organized manner.

With years of experience in real world crisis and disaster management, Brocato and Associates can successfully assist your organization to effectively prepare and implement emergency operations through incident management planning. Using tried and true crisis management procedures we can assist you in planning for Notice Incidents or No Notice Incidents.