Response – Command and Control

Command and control has been defined as the exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated individual or group of individuals over assigned resources in the accomplishment of a common goal.

While day to day business operations allow for a team concept of authority, and team building to promote creativity, crises don’t allow for such a luxury. In a business crisis or emergency management environment, command and control offers structured authority, decision making, information flow and direction.

A business or emergency management crisis action plan must identify key positions within the organization, provide the right individual for the position, train that individual and exercise the plan to ensure that every person in the organization understands their role and the role of the team. Decision making and information flow must be clear, concise and timely to ensure your organization is able to get out in front of a rapidly changing situation. Success or failure will depend on rapid decision making based on good situational awareness of an ever changing environment.

With years of real world crisis and emergency management experience Brocato and Associates is at the forefront of managing and mitigating disasters, and crises.

From an active shooter in the workplace, to hurricane preparations, and everything in between, Brocato and Associates is ready and able to assist your organization.