Fire Investigation

The result of an unwanted fire  in your home or business can be devastating. The rebuilding process can take many months even years, in some cases.  Likewise insurance claims, lawsuits and criminal proceedings can extend the recovery process indefinitely.  While most, if not all local municipalities have investigators attached to the local fire department the thoroughness of a report can be determined by such factors as staffing and work load, experience of the local investigator, and the level of sophistication with which a fire is investigated. These factors can influence the outcome of an insurance claim, a lawsuit for damages or the verdict in a criminal trial.

Brocato and Associates has decades of experience handling fire and fire investigation in a large urban setting. Our investigators have the training and experience needed to interview witnesses, document anomalies in the investigation report, confirm the report or conduct a distinct and separate investigation with a detailed report, where needed.

We are prepared and stand ready to assist homeowners, business owners, local /state government, insurance companies and/or independent investigators with outstanding expertise and uncompromising quality.