Business Operations Center

The concept of the Business Operations Center (BOC) is an example of the partnership between the public and private sector in working towards building resiliency before, during, and after a crisis or disaster.

The BOC serves as two-way information sharing between public and private sector stakeholders in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters.

BOC representatives from the private business sector work with public safety agencies and emergency managers to strengthen the resiliency of the general public. They accomplish this goal by committing to quick recovery for their business thereby allowing citizens to begin the process of restoration sooner.

This restoration process will quicken recovery and lessen the impact on public safety and governmental agencies, which are typically overburdened during disaster operations.

The commitment from emergency managers allows for priority restoration and recovery resources to BOC partners, that allows businesses to reopen more quickly thereby returning services to the community.

From foodstuffs to shelters, among others, a return to normalcy is hastened by the re-opening and re-engagement of the business community. The quicker the public is able to begin to restore and recover, the quicker their lives will return to normal. Likewise the sooner the public is able to care for themselves; the quicker governmental entities will be able to reduce the number of resources committed to quality of life and ultimately disaster operations.

Brocato and Associates has extensive experience working with the private and public sectors on BOC initiatives from concept through implementation.

We can assist your public safety or business partners to implement a BOC for your community.